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Welcome to here you will find everything you need to know about pay by phone “BOKU” Betting sites.

An Introduction to BOKU

It’s easier to purchase goods and services than ever before and BOKU is a recent addition which makes it simpler than ever before. Paying through a mobile device with just a single click, many companies have signed up to this fast-moving service and it’s becoming extremely popular with online users. Whether you’re purchasing music, gaming products or depositing at an online bookies or casino, BOKU makes it quick and efficient to do so.

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What is BOKU?

place bets using bokuMobile companies such as Vodafone, EE and Three are all offering BOKU as part of their service. With just a single click good and services can be purchased online. It is available on nearly all makes and models of smartphones and on the majority of internet browsers. Receipts will be text straight to the user’s phone.

BOKU operates like an e-wallet or a Paypal account and allows payments and transactions to be made online. Unlike the aforementioned services, it doesn’t hold a set amount of money and you won’t need to top up when funds become low. If you’re on a mobile contract with any of the main providers, payments will be added to your monthly bill. Payments are split between the company in question and your mobile provider but you will NOT be charged any interest on this service. (unlike PayPal)

Contactless has grown in popularity over the past couple of years with a number of users enjoying the freedom of not carrying cash around. BOKU offers the same service. One touch and the money is deposited into on online betting account or if you like, a song could be purchased.

BOKU is completely free to use and is growing in popularity.

Many other payment methods via mobile are time consuming. It can often crash mid-transaction or the browser closes down. Occasionally you have to continually sign in before every transaction. BOKU is quick, efficient and simple.

A number of major merchants are also throwing their weight behind BOKU which is believed to create increased sales due to the nature and ease of the transactional process. BOKU has also recently expanded into Germany and Italy and has a number of offices around the world.

Which betting sites are using BOKU?

BetStars were one of the first online bookmakers to climb aboard whilst many online casinos have already integrated the service and are heavily promoting this method of payment.

Many othere online betting and gaming operators have shown interest in the format including Sun Bingo who recently adopted this payment system. Other casinos who offer this service include Spin Genie, Bet365 Vegas, Reel Island and Titan Bet with many more certain to follow. A number of other companies are currently in negotiations with BOKU about future contracts.

These allow a quick transaction with accounts funded instantly.

At the time of writing, Google Play, Spotify, Facebook and Windows Store are all early users of the technology but a number of online gambling companies have also recently signed up.

Which mobile providers are using BOKU?

Most significant mobile companies have signed up to BOKU. EE, Vodafone and Three are some that we have previously mentioned in this article. O2 and BT have also joined. In total, over 250 network providers are signed up spanning 64 different countries.

Some companies aren’t as keen on transactions involving online casinos. Lebara have been known to have trouble some of their customers trying to deposit into gambling accounts.

All you need is a mobile number to get started.

How it works

Check that the betting site or online casino in question offers BOKU and pay-via-mobile services.

Click on deposit.

Click on pay by BOKU (or via mobile) and enter your 11 digit telephone number

Await a confirmation SMS message (should arrive immediately)

Reply back with ‘Yes’

Your account will be funded and you will receive an e-receipt.

You are ready to play!

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What are the benefits of BOKU?

There are many benefits of using BOKU. Not only does it speed up everyday transactions online but it’s quick and can be used on the move.

Many users feel it is a safer way of paying thus preventing outside companies from obtaining any card details. It is quick and easy and only takes a second to authorise and process. Some customers aren’t keen on giving out banking details to online gambling companies with fraud commonplace on the internet. BOKU bypasses this.

There is no sign up process and no need to link it up to your bank account. You don’t require a bank to complete any transaction. If you’re travelling and in an unfamiliar country, it is still possible to use the service.

BOKU does not take any personal details from you and will not pass them on to secondary companies thus avoiding unwanted or nuisance phone calls further down the line.

When depositing to gambling sites, BOKU puts a daily £30 cap on your spending. This is handy for users with an addictive nature. Many online casinos will only allow users to deposit between £10 and £20 at a time through this method. These are commonly known as ‘Micro-Transactions’. Always check the terms and conditions.

It is also heavily regulated by the mobile providers and safety is their number one concern. There are phone lines dedicated to users who have encountered problems with the service. If you’re having issues depositing, it’s easy to get in touch and hopefully resolve the problem.

BOKU will send the user a text message (SMS) to ensure the transaction is legitimate. This should be confirmed via the link and the process is complete. This is handy if you accidentally press the incorrect button. There is no way somebody can make an unauthorised payment on your behalf.

What are the cons of BOKU?

There aren’t many negatives when using this service. Many of the online casinos do limit deposits which means big-hitters should find alternative ways of funding their accounts.

Some welcome bonuses are waivered if you sign up and use BOKU straight away as bigger deposits are often needed to qualify for these promotions.

BOKU cannot withdraw money from your casino or online gambling account. You would need a PayPal account or bank transfer in order to collect any winnings!

How is it being used in the betting industry?

When logging onto a casino or online bookmaker look out for the BOKU symbol. This signifies they accept payments via this method. A number of casinos have started to implement this service making it easier than ever before to make a deposit and begin playing. Many other online gambling companies are likely to follow suit in the near future. Most newly launched online casinos will be implement this service as a matter of course.

mobile phone bill betting sitesOnline betting sites usually proudly boast about their services and those who have signed up to BOKU believe it will help them acquire future customers. Always check before signing up with a new website.

Although online casinos and bookmakers must split the deposit between themselves and BOKU they believe the added convenience will encourage regular deposits from their users.

Once BOKU is set up and established, it will remain logged in on your phone so placing a wager on the move is easier than ever. If you’re worried about missing the start of a big match or wish to bet in-play, one tap and your account will be funded. It should take no longer than ten seconds to complete the process.

You’ll receive a receipt (in the form of a text) from BOKU to confirm the casino or online bookmaker deposit. This is handy way to keep on top of your weekly spending.

Some customers do not wish to give their banking details to online gambling sites and there are many others who do not wish for gambling transactions to display on their bank statements. They believe banks look unfavourably on this. BOKU bypasses both of these issues. It is extremely handy.

Most of the major online bookmakers are set to add BOKU to their already-extensive list of payments in the near future. Funding an account and placing a bet on a major sporting competition often requires urgency and it will be quicker than ever before via this method. So you won’t miss out!

At this moment in time, most online casinos allow just £10 deposits at a time, but it is set to rise in the near future.

BOKU is becoming increasingly popular and is by far and away the quickest way of funding a gambling account. The mobile and gambling industry are sharing the healthy profits accrued and they are constantly evolving and striving to improve the product. It is safe and doesn’t show up on bank statements. It’s fast becoming the number one for online gamblers around the world.