Increasing Your Returns When Sports Betting

Increasing Your Returns When Sports Betting

Make no mistake about it, if you are a fan of sports betting then you will have hundreds of different betting sites that you can sign up to and gamble at. However, it will soon become very apparent when you do sign up to a range of different sports betting sites that the odds and their promotional deals are going to vary in both size and value.

As such what we would recommend that you do if you haven’t already done so, to open up accounts at as many of our featured sportsbooks and betting sites as you possibly can do, and there are several reasons why we would urge you to do so!Increase your gambling returns by reading this gambling guide

Firstly you are of course going to be able to take advantage of each of those betting sites and Sportsbooks new player offers, which will include things such as being able to claim a deposit match bonus or even a free set of bets.

However, one of the main advantages of opening up several different betting site and Sportsbooks account is that you will additionally benefit from being able to compare the odds available at each of those sites on whatever it is you wish to bet on.

If you do already have accounts at more than one site then you will not have to waste any time signing up to a site offering you enhanced odds on anything you are interested in placing a bet on!

Ante Post Betting

Keep in mind that every sporting event and sporting fixture is going to have its schedule kick off or starting time, and many betting sites are going to be opening up betting markets well in advance of those sporting events and fixtures starting.

There is often a lot of value to be had when you make something of a concerted effort to place your sports related bets and wagers well in advance and as such make sure that is something you seriously consider doing so.

Ante Post betting as it is known is something that you will be able to make use of at any sports betting site that offers you a range of horse race betting opportunities, and often week or months in advance you will find a betting market on a range of different horses races that are being held all over the world.

The odds on each of the horses running in any race that is offered by an ante post betting market will have much higher odds available when you place those bets well in advance of the race starting, so if you are prepared to place your bets very early then you can mop up some very generous odds, which will often be much higher than the odds on offer at the scheduled starting day and time of those races, so keep that in mind when value hunting!

Early Prices

What you are also going to find on offer at our featured betting sites is that you will have a plethora of early prices on offer, what that means is that each day, very early in the morning many such sites will open up a betting market of many of that days sporting fixtures and events.

To entice customer of those sites to place bets and wagers early each day many of the betting opportunities are going to have enhanced odds attached to them, and as such you can take advantage of those odds if you do place our wagers early each day.

What many bookmakers and Sportsbooks will do however is offer you something known as a best odds guarantee on those early priced betting opportunities!

As such if you do take the odds on offer early each day, but the odds grow as the starting time of the sporting event or fixture starts, you will get given those better odds even if you took lower valued odds on the early priced betting markets!

Therefore you are going to be in a win-win position as you will have secure the bets odds if the odds drop in value, but will get given the higher odds if the odds grow on the betting opportunities you have taken early prices on! So there really are benefits of placing your bets and wagers as early as you can do each day!

Betting Rebates and Comps

You will usually associate things such as comp points with casinos, for when you sign up to an online or mobile casino site or visit most land based casinos, by playing at those sites or venues as a member of a players club or comp club scheme you will earn points when you  gamble.

The number of points you earn will of course be dependent on just how much you gamble when playing any casino games but when you have earned enough point you can then change them for additional playing credits.

Well, you will be interested to learn that many betting sites will offer you a similar type of loyalty scheme and as such when you place bets on any sporting events at some betting sites you will also earn comp points, so the more you bet, irrespective of whether your bets win or lose you will be accumulating comp points.

Those points then can be exchanged for betting credits and free bets when you have saved up enough of them, so try and select a sportsbook or bookmakers set that will be offering you such a loyalty scheme to ensure you always get more form your betting bankroll!

Some sites will also offer you a rebate of a percentage of your total stakes wagered on any type of betting opportunities, however the value of the rebate you will get from all bets and wagers placed will vary depending on just which betting site you do decide to sign up to and become a customer off. So always do be prepared to shop around when opening up betting sites account as each of them will be offering you something different!

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