How Often Do Favourites Win Horse Races?

How Often Do Favourites Win Horse Races?

If you are about to have a bet on a race horse running in any race, but you are ensure of which one to bet on, then there is a chance that you will be tempted to place you money on the favourite horse in that race, that of course being the one with the lowest odds, for that horse has a much greater chance of winning that race it would seem.

The main reason any horse is favourite to win a horse race will be two-fold, initially when a betting market is first opened on any horse race, the market makers look at the form of each horse running and will then set the odds based on each horses individual chance of winning, based around the way it has been running recently when compared to others runner in that race.favourites

However as soon as the betting market goes live on any sports site, then the favourite is going to be determined by the volume of wagers that have been placed on each horse, and as such the horse which is currently displaying the very lowest odds is doing so as more people and more money have been bet on that horse!

There are of course several different types and categories of races, however on average across them all about one third of the favourites to win each race do go on to do so, and as such you have a one in three chance of any favourite you back winning their respective race!

Backing Favourites in Horse Races

There are however several different factors to keep in mind if you do fancy placing bets and wagers just on favourites running in any horse race and that is often the volume of wagers placed on one horse can increase as the time of the ace starting approaches and a horse that wasn’t previously the favourite will become the favourite.

As such you should keep that in mind if you are thinking of backing favourites, for the one you select at some point in time before a race stars may not necessarily be the favourite to win when that race starts!

The odds attached and on offer on many favourites will of course vary wildly for if there is a very big field of runners and no one particular horse the red hot favourite to win you could suite easily see some races where the favourite horse to win in the betting market has odds of 10 to 1 associated with them!

However, you will always get a level of excitement if and when you do decide to back any horses that are favourites to win any horse race, and with a one in three hit rate then there is also a fair chance many of those favourites you do bet on will be winners too! Just never think that a horse is guaranteed to win any race no matter how short the odds are as anything can happen during a live horse race!

Perming Favourites Together in a Bet

If you do find several horses that have very low win odds associated with them due to those horses being the red hot favourites to win their respective races, then you may actually be put off placing a bet on those horses individually, for the amount of winnings you will get paid out may be way too low in value.

However, do keep in mind that there are a range of different bets you can place on which you can pick out any number of horses running find different races and perm all of them together in a series of different wagers.

One of the benefits of placing multiple bets is that when you place some of the such as a Lucky 63 for example, if you do get all of the horses you have selected winnings then you can win a bonus payout which is a percentage of winning winnings you have won added on top of your payout.

As such do consider placing such a bet for thanks to those payout odds boosters you are going to get way more back in winning payouts than you ever would when placing individual bets on any red hot favourites in any horse races.

But do shop around for many different betting sites offer different promotional offers on their multiple bets and you will of course want to be betting at a betting site with the most generous of payout boosters of course!

Look To For Best Odds Guaranteed Races

There is a way that you can always guarantee that you are going to be getting the best possible payout odds when you place bets and wagers on favourites, and that is by placing your bets on races that any bookmakers or betting sites have listed on their betting sites or platforms as best odds guaranteed odds

When you do find a best odds guaranteed race what you are going to have to do is to place your bets in advance, often by several hours and as soon as you have placed that bet you will be given the odds the bookmaker has listed on their site.

However, if the odds grow higher in value after you have placed your bet n any favourite then you will be guaranteed of getting those enhanced odds if you horse does in its race! However if the odds drop once you have placed your bet you will be benefiting from a much higher potential payout as you have secure higher odds at the time of you placing that bet.

If you are still fairly new to betting then please do take a good look around our website for we do have plenty of informative guides and articles that are going to enable you to get your head around not only what types of sports related bets and wager you can place, but also how you can ensure you are always going to be getting the very best odds available.

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