Side Games at Sports Betting Sites

Side Games at Sports Betting Sites

One thing that is becoming much more noticeable at a great many different sports betting sites, is that as soon as you become a new customer at those sites you are not only going to be restricted to placing bets and wagers on any type of sporting event or sporting fixture.

For each betting sites you come across is going to be offering you a range of different side games often based and themed around popular casino styled games that you will have access to as you are placing your bets and wagers.

Whilst you never get the urge to bet on any side games that are available to you, if you do fancy giving some of them a try then there are some games that are much more likely to give you something of an increased chance of winning when you play them compared to some of the other games on offer.

With that in mind we have put together and compiled the following guide to introduce you to not only a range of different side casino game categories and types, but to also present to you the games in each category that you should be playing.

You should be playing them due to those games either offering higher than average payout percentages or due to the fact that the games listed below come with a much lower house edge than most other games, and those games will see the casino getting a reduced chance of winning off you your gambling bankroll!

Casino Card Games at Betting Sites

Now, when it comes to card game variants you are going to find quite a large variety of different variants on offer, and as such you will find lots of different playing rules and payouts associated with every single card game you do set about playing.

The general rule though in regards to picking out just which casino card games to play is that you should always be actively seeking out those games which have the very lowest house edges associated with them.

There is some casino card games that are available at betting sites and on betting apps that have a certain element of skill associated with them, and as such it is the way you play those games that will ultimately determine just how well or how badly you do when playing them.blackjack board

If you do want the best chances of winning but without learning how to play skilfully then look out for games such as Baccarat, however if you do have the time an patience required to learn how to play casino card game optimally and with the best strategy then be on the lookout for Blackjack games instead.

You will often find it is Blackjack and Baccarat games that have the very list house edges as opposed to most other casino game games, and always avoid playing any card games that have optional side bets available upon them, as those side bets often noticeably increase the house edge of those games, so the betting site is expected to win more off you when you place those side bets rather than when you are just playing the base game alone!

Betting Site Roulette Side Games

You will come across three main Roulette game variants on offer at most betting sites and betting apps, there will be a range of roulette games that offer a range of side bets and side wagers such as progressive roulette games.

However, even though you do have the chance of winning a huge amount of cash when playing those types of roulette games when placing the side bets the house edges associated with those side bet wagering opportunities are huge and as such they offer no value what so ever, so try and avoid playing those games.

You will also come across some roulette game variants such as American Roulette on which you will notice there are two zeros in play on the roulette wheel, however as the odds on offer on a double zero roulette game in regards to each betting location are the exact same ones as you will find available on a single zero roulette game you should never, ever play a double zero roulette game for the house edges on those variants of roulette games are huge too.

The best roulette game you can play anywhere and in any playing environment are always going to be the variant son which there is just one zero on the roulette wheel and no additional side bet options!

Slot Games at Betting Sites

Some of the riskiest casino games you can play in any playing environment are of course slot machines, for each slot game is completely random and as such you will have no way of knowing in advance whether any spin of the reels you play off is going to be a winning or losing one, until obviously you start spinning any slot games reels.slots

However, one thing that is worth knowing is that all slot machines you will come across will have a preset long term expected payout percentage, that being a percentage of each players collective stakes a slot machine is expected to payout to players based on their stakes over the long term.

What we would advise you do if you want to have a fair chance of winning or at the very least getting more of your stakes paid back out to you over the long term, is to look up the payout percentages that every single slot machine you are thinking of playing has been set to return.

You will, with a little bit of time and effort looking up that information, find some slot machines that can offer well above average payout percentages, and the ones you should be looking out for are slots that have payout percentages that have been set at 97%, 98% or even better those slot games that have payout percentages as high as 99%!

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