Unique Horse Racing Bets

Unique Horse Racing Betting Opportunities

There are of course many different sporting events you can place bets and wagers on, however one of the most popular spectator sports the world over is of course horse racing. If you are something of an avid fan of horse racing or are interested in finding out more of what betting opportunities will be available to you on any up and coming horse race them please do read on!

learn more horse racing betting optionsThe most popular type of bet you can place on any race is a standard Win Bet when you place such a bet you are required to choose a stake you wish to place on any on single horse running in a race, and if that horse wins you are paid out your winnings.
One thing to keep in mind when placing such a bet is that at the time of placing IT you will be able to take the current odd available at the betting site you are logged into and placing that bet at, or you can opt to take the Starting Price instead.

The Starting Price or SP as it is known is the average odds soon offer on your horse at the time of the race starting by the on-course bookmakers located at the racecourse your horse is running at. As such you will be taking something of a gamble if you do either take the price currently on offer or opt to take the Starting Price as the odds could drop or increase at any time!

Playing an Each Way Bet

If you want to have a bet on any race running in any race, but you want to lowest amount of risk attached to that bet then you will probably be best advised to consider placing something known as an Each Way bet.
The way in which an Each Way bet has been designed is as a two part bet, and as such if you for example decide to place a £1.00 each way bet the bet will actually cost you £2.00 as you will have two different bets making up that one bet, if that makes sense!

Your first bet is covering your horse to win its race, and as such if you did indeed place a £1.00 Each Way bet on any horse and it wins at odds so let’s say 5 to 1 then your win part of the bet will pay out £5 in winnings plus your £1 stake money back.
The second part of the bet will cover your horse finishing in any of the placed positions in its race including first place too, however that bet pays a percentage of the odds of the in bet.

The number of paid winning positions will be determined by just how many horses are running in each race and what type of a horse race it is, and also the percentage of the win odds you will get paid out will also be determined by the type of race and just how many horses are running in that race too!

Straight or Reverse Forecast Bet

Some of the more exciting bet and wager you can place on any up and coming horse race that could enable you to turn a relative small stake into a huge winning payout are straight forecast bets and Reverse Forecast bets. When you place a straight forecast bet you will need to pick the horse you hope will win any race and the horse that will also come second in that race. By placing such a bet if your horses do indeed finish in first and second position exactly as you had predicted the racecourse will declare a dividend to £1.

pay for horse racing bets by mobile phone billSo if you place a £1 straight forecast bet then you will receive the declared straight forecast dividend, however if you for example place a 50p winning straight forecast bet you will receive half o the decaled dividend. You can place any amount of this type of bet, and you will win the respective amount to eh dividend based on just who much you did place on it!

A Reverse Forecast bet will see you having to pay to the stake, so a £1 Reverse Forecast bet will cost you £2 in total, however by placing that bet it doesn’t matter if your horses come in first or second place in any order you will receive the winning dividend as you will have permutated both of those two horses together in that type of bet!

Accumulator Bet

As all racecourses will be holding several different races each time they have a race meeting scheduled you may fancy placing a bet on one horse in each race, and if that is the case then how about placing something known as an Accumulator Bet.
When you place such a bet you are going to have to pick one horse form as many races as you like, but you have them all linked together in one single bet, and as such just one single stake is required when you place such a bet.

What you will hoping happens is that all of the horses you have selected in their respective races, for when they do the winnings and your initial stake on the first horse then gets rolled over onto the next horse, and those winnings and the stake are then placed onto the next horse and so on.

The beauty of placing one of these quite low cstt bets is that if you ever do manage to pick out the horses that do win lots of different races you are going to turn even the smallest of stakes into a huge winning payout, dependent of course on what the odds are on each horse you have selected.

The odds of your picking out multiple winners are of course huge, but so will be your final winning payout if that is something you are lucky enough to achieve, so do consider placing such a bet as the winning are always there for the taking!

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