Ways to Bet on Football

Ways to Bet On Soccer Matches

We are aware of hundreds of different bets and wager types you can place on absolutely any soccer match being played anywhere in the world, and as such if you ever do fancy placing such a bet you will need to be aware of which ones are likely to see you getting the best chances of winning.

Whilst you can of course select one team to win any match, one of the problems of those types of soccer bets is that the odds available are never going to be huge, unless you fancy betting on an underdog when the favourite to win that match is huge odds on!

how to bet on footballWith that in mind we have listed away some of the more unusual bets and wagers than can be placed on any type of soccer match, all of which tend to offer you much more generous payout odds when you place them. If you do want to find a top rated sportsbook, betting site or bookmaker’s site at which to bet at then all of those we have listed throughout our website come highly recommended. But do be aware that you will be able to sign up and bet in your own home currency and will have plenty of different ways to make a deposit and withdrawal too at each of those sites.

Read on as you may find some of the following soccer bets quite appealing, much more so when you find out the odd associated with each of them being offered on each of them!

Correct Score Betting

For those of you who fancy placing a bet on your favourite score team, but may have been put off doing so if they are the odds on favourite to win any up and coming match they are playing in then consider placing one of the many additional bets that are always guaranteed to return some much higher odds.

One such bet is a correct score bet, and as the name of this type of soccer bet does imply, when placing it you have to correctly predict what will be the final score of any match, that being both the home team and away team.

There are of course going to be lots of possible final scores of any match and two teams are playing, however that does have one stand out attraction to any soccer better, and that is that the odds on offer will be quite generous if you can correctly predict the final score.

With that in mind it may just be worth placing such a bet if you are convinces you think you know the most likely result of any math, but as always shop around for the odds on offer can and often do vary on every possible score a match could end in, and you all always want to get the maximum returns from your stake money of course!

First or Last Player to Score

Now if you do have any number of favourites players in any soccer team, then why not be rewarded if they are the very first or last player to score a goal in any match, that is something you can do if you choose to play one of the more unusual soccer bets that being a first or last player to score bet.

There is nothing complicated what so ever about placing such a bet, however you will first need to look through the list of players scheduled to play in any soccer batch to discover just what odd they have attached with them to score either the first goal of the last goal in that match.

Some betting sites will also let you double this type of bet up with an outright winner bet, so for example you can pick one player to score first or last and then if you he does and you also correctly predicted which team wins that match you will get some much higher odds on those bets rather than just picking the player to score first or last!

Be aware though that not all betting sites and sportsbook offer such abet, however some of them that are based in the UK do, so you will not have to look too had for a betting sites offering such a bet, but do shop around as always to ensure you are getting the very highest possible odds as the odds will vary from site to site!

the best ways to bet on soccer

Half Time Full Time Bet

One final soccer related bet that could be worth looking at is something known as a Half Time Full Time bet, you will need to decide whether it will be the home team, away team who will be winning at half time or whether at half time the match will be a draw.

You are also going to have to correctly predict whether then at the full time whistle the match will be a draw or the home or away team will have scored the most goals and therefore be the winning team.

You place just one stake on these types of bets and by doing so you will then have to hope your tow predications, that being the result at half time and full time will be the way the match ends, and if you are correct you will then be paid out at the odds offered when you placed this type of bet.

This is another type of bet to consider placing if the team you do want to bet on is available at very low and unappealing win odds, for the odds attached to a Half Time Full Time bet will always be bigger and higher valued that just an outright inner bet.
Be aware though that is at half time and/or full time the result you predicted is not the way the match ends at that point in time then you will halve lost the stake you did decide to place on this very unique yet often quite rewarding soccer related betting opportunity!

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